Suitable for
Sheet to Sheet Lamination

"Memory" Fully Automatic Thermal Lamination Machine is suitable for sheet to sheet lamination.  

Sailent Features :

  • Automatic Paper Feeder  (Vacuum pump system without oil system)
  • Man - machine Interface (easy & automatic operation)
  • Electro Magnetic heating system
  • Automatic adjustment
  • Air Shaft (with Tension System)
  • Film Cutting & Film Perforation Blade
  • Pull Guide & Auto Pull
  • Anti-Curve Device
  • Pneumatic Diving (with Auto Stacker)
  • Dividing Structure (wash & change roller easily)


(Note : Needs Compressed Air Connection & Hydraulic Oil at the time of Installation at customer end.)


Technical Specifications MRS 820
Min. Paper Size 820 x 1000 mm
Max. Paper Width 240 x 270 mm
Laminating Temperature <120 degree C
Laminating Speed 60m/min
Diameter of Heating Roller 320 mm
Diameter of Film Paper Core <76 mm (3 inch)
Air Pressure 8 Bar (compressed)
Paper Thickness 100-500 g/m
Power 25 KW /380 Volts /50 Hz
Weight 2550 Kg
Dimensions 6000 x 1600 x 1080 mm

Auto-Cut Device

Jogger Delivery Table

Automatic Paper Feeder