With the increase demand from the Textile Printers for high-density publishing and fine graphics on dark garment, we have successfully designed and delivered our "exposing System" for today's textile screen printers.

An ideal equipment for transferring on the screen frame.  This powder-coated frame has the following features:

  • Special pump draws the elasticity that does not tear from frequent use with the edges of aluminium square pipe frame
  • The suction pump draws the excess air fast and the vacuum pump makes the perfect bondage between the film and screen frame.  Hence perfect sharpness.
  • 1 Kw, 3 Kw, or 6 Kw Instant Start Halide light sources are recommended all over the world for reproduction of sharp graphic images.
  • Different models are available according to the requirement and convenience of the end user.
  • Micro Processor base light integrated electronic times has multiple memories and sequential operations.
  • Optional : Drying Systems in frame with top exposure where Thermostatically controlled hot air is circulated for drying.
  • The equipment is operator friendly.

Self Tightening Screen Frame

  • Cost- effective and user friendly.
  • More accurate for achieving hi-tension for optimizing ink flow characteristics and mileage.
  • Most required and used by Textile Screen Printers for four color, half tone and three dimensional printing with die-cut sharpness and print clarity.
  • Used both on manual and automatic for smooth, faster production without wanton ink build-up.
  • Operator takes 5-10 minutes to stretch the mesh for required job.
  • Graphic Printers will save in coat upto 30%
  • The performance and durability of the squeegee blade increase.


  • Thermostatically controlled drier for drying the screen frames.