Suitable for
For CTCP & Conventional P.S. Plates

"Memory" Plate Processor is designed for reliable, efficient and fast processing of Positive or Negative Pre-sensitized offset plates.

Corrosion free Stainless Steel Bath Tank & underneath Tank, Powder coated mild steel structure and sturdy fabrication.

PLC Control & LCD Display enables operator to control the speed of the main drive, temperature, replenishment etc.

Features include automatic developer replenishment, level sensors for all bath tanks, plate washing from top & bottom with water, slot for re-wash, re-gum and re-dry.

Dip Tank with impendent brush roller lead to fast and consistent development of P.S.Plates.

A submerged re-circulation of developer and heat exchanger controls temperature.

Re-circulation of water after filtration eliminates plumbing and water consumption is reduced to minimum.

EPDM Rubber rollers and Brush rollers are easily removable for cleaning and washing.


Technical Specifications Model 'A' Model 'B'
Max. Plate Width 660 mm 840 mm
Max. Plate Length Unlimited Unlimited
Min. Plate Length 500 mm 500 mm
Plate Thickness 0.15 - 0.40 mm 0.15 - 0.40 mm
Speed 300-600 mm / min 300-600 mm/min.
Developer Tank Capacity 15 Ltrs. 15 Ltrs.
Gum Tank Capacity 5 Ltrs. 5 Ltrs.
Power Consumption 3.5 KW 4 KW
Line Voltage 220V Single Phase, Neutral & Earth 220V Single Phase, Neutral & Earth
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1020 x 1020 x 860 mm 1170 x 1260 x 860 mm
Bigger Size available on request