• “Memory” Offset Plate Cleaning Machine is designed for efficient and fast Cleaning of ink from Ink from Offset Printing Plates. The machine is suitable for Sheet-fed offset presses where plates are stored for re-print jobs.
  • Corrosion free Stainless Steel Bath Tank & underneath tank, Sturdy mild steel structure and controlled gum  layer with on / off option ensures trouble free working for years.
  • Features includes PLC touch panel control, automatic re-circulation of cleaning chemical & twin oscillating brush with variable speed for ink removal.
  • Slot in the all lower rollers helps in cleaning single edge bent plates thus ensures easy mounting of plates for re-print jobs.
  • Plates are washed with water after ink cleaning with the help of Open Rinse System with fresh water & Rotary Brush for effective cleaning.
  • All rubber rollers and brush rollers are easily removable thus ensures easy and quick cleaning of the machine on daily basis & for regular maintenance.
  • Return on investment is very fast as one saves Printing Machine down time used for cleaning of ink & gumming plates before the removal from plate cylinders.
  • Above all it is operator friendly, keep floor clean, waste cleaning chemical can be used for cleaning the offset machine for removing ink spots etc.

Optional Available : Closed Loop Water Re-circulation system.

Technical Specifications Model 'A'
Plate Width Max. 840 mm
Plate Length (Min - Max) 250 - 1080 mm
Plate Thickness 0.15 - 0.40 mm
Speed 15 -30 cms / min
Chemical Tank Capacity 2 tank ( 25 Ltrs. each)
Gum Tank Capacity 5 Ltrs.
Power 5 KW / 220 Vlts / 50 Hz
Dimensions (L x W x H) 2950 x 1440 x 1150 mm
Net Weight 500 Kgs
Bigger size available on request

Gumming & Hot Air Drying Unit

Twin Oscillating for effective cleaning