Suitable for
Baking CTP / CTCP / Conventional PS Plates

  • “Memory” Plate Curing Machine is designed to Bake CTP / CTCP / Conventional PS Plates
  • Simple & easy control panel includes main on/off, digital temperature meter with thermostat, LED display for heaters & variable AC drive.
  • The machine is specially designed and is completely insulated thus saves heat loss and avoids Hot Air in the surrounding working areas.
  • Thermostatically controlled Hot Air maintains inside temperature evenly, thus ensure even baking at a temperature ranging form 220°C to 250°C.
  • Sturdy Aluminum profile structure with In line Wash / Gum / Dry Unit eliminates skilled labour requirement thus ensures dry plates ready for press use.
  • Baking helps to give long print runs with same sharpness thus ensures smooth running on press and easy to store plates for repeat jobs.
  • The unit can be attached with conveyor bridge to the CTP Processor for In-line working.
  • The In-line process avoids direct contact of heat with the operator thus makes it user & operation friendly.
Technical Specifications Model 'A' Model 'B'
Plate Curing Machine
Plate Width Max. 820 mm 1346 mm
Plate Length Max. 1060 mm 1651 mm
Power 8 KW /380 Volts / 50 Hz 13 KW /380 Volts / 50Hz
Wash/ Gum/ Dry Unit
Dimension (L x W x H) 5000 x 1400 x 1220 mm 6600 x 1890 x 1220 mm
Net Weight 650 Kgs 800 Kgs
Plate Width Min. 820 mm 1346 mm
Plate Length 1060 mm 1651 mm

Coater for Baking Solutions

In-line Wash/ Gum/ Dry