Salient Features 

  • High resolution Colored Camera for accurate registration.
  • Flat table plate mounting on Linear guide ways for high precision.
  • Maximize press productivity in short run jobs.
  • Options available for Cylinder & Sleeve roller mounting.

Needs 6 Bars Compressed Air at the time of Installation.

  • High resolution Twin colored cameras are mounted on Linear Guide Ways for high precision.
  • Display of Cross Marks on single split screen with clear image.
  • Quick release adaptors for different Cylinder/ Sleeve types.
  • Flat table surface enables the polymer plate to be positioned accurately and quickly along the center line under the Cylinder / Sleeve.
  • Quick and bubble free application of the polymer plate to Cylinder/Sleeve through a backward and forward movement of the table on Linear Guide Ways.
  • Consistent and uniform pressure application of polymer plate to tape for good adhesion.
  • After plate application the table can be moved to bring the end of plate register marks into view, to check over all alignment.
  • Pneumatic clamping of Cylinders / Sleeve of variable sizes
Technical Specifications Model 'A'
Max. Cylinder Width 460 mm (18
Min. Cylinder Width 260 mm (10
Max. Cylinder Diameter 200 (8
Min. Cylinder Diameter 80 mm (3
Power 220 Volts, Single Phase
Dimension (W x D x H) 950 x 750 x 1620 mm