• Memory's Flexo Plate Cleaning Machine is designed for cleaning both Letterpress & Flexo Plates in very gentle way leaving them 100% clean & dry.
  • Corrosion free Stainless Steel Bath Tank & underneath Tank, Powder coated mild steel structure and sturdy fabrication ensure trouble free working for years.
  • Simple user friendly electrical control for ease of operation ensures cleaning, rinsing & drying of plates in one pass.
  • Plate cleaner washes all type of inks & are designed for environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.
  • Results have proven that "Hands Free" approach to Flexo Plate Cleaning Offers :
  • Excellent cleaning, capability for hard to clean reverse areas & screens, reduces plate damage and offers unsurpassed consistency in cleaning of letterpress or Flexo Plates.
  • Memory automatic Flexo Plate Cleaner is designed to improve productivity and performance

Salient Features

  • Cleaning, Rinsing & Drying in one pass.
  • Conveyor Belt for easy loading of Plates.
  • Corrosion free Stainless Steel Tank
  • Improve productivity

Washing Process

  • The Dirty Plates are mounted on unique sticky plate system so tht plates are held firmly in place during the cleaning and drying process.
  • The unique combination of brushes (oscillating & Fixed Brush) ensures 100% cleaning thus saves time & reduces plate damage.
  • Plates are rinsed with water after cleaning woth the help of open Rinse System with fresh water to maintain its natural elasticity.
  • Thermostatically controlled hot air blowing ensures cleaned & dried plates on both ends.
  • Optional Available : Closed Loop Water Re-circulation system.
Technical Specifications Model 'A' Model 'B'
Max. Plate Width 450 mm 820 mm
Chemical Tank Capacity 25 Ltrs. 35 Ltrs.
Water Tank Capacity 15 Ltrs. 25 Ltrs.
Power Consumption 2.5 Kw, Single Phase 4.5 Kw, Single Phase
Dimensions (LxWxH) 2080 x 1020 x 1070 mm 2850 x 1400 x 1080