Suitable for
Suitable for Diary & Note Book Covers, Box Files, Photo Album, Game Boards, Clip Boards, Ring Files, Table Calendar Stand etc.

"Memory" Semi Automatic Case Maker is designed for medium & long run jobs.  The Case Maker consists of :

  • Sturdy Aluminum profile structure, PLC touch panel control eliminates skilled labour requirement & ensures consistent & quality production.
  • Specially designed gluing system for top side gluing for Hot & Cold Glue application.
  • CNC cylindrically grinded, gluing rollers ensures even glue application on all cover materials.
  • Conveyor Belt with suction, optical sensor & pneumatically controlled board feeder ensures repeatability & accuracy in placement of Hard Boards on the cover materials.
  • The unique pressing roller device on conveyor and pneumatically controlled twin flap turning device ensures flat edge on all four sides in two pass.


Note : Needs Compressed Air Connection at the time of installation at customer end.

Technical Specifications Model 'A'
Open Book Case Format (Max.) 500 x 1000 mm
Open Book Case Format (Min.) 100 x 200 mm
Cover Material Thickness 90-170 gsm
Board Thickness 1.0 m - 4.0 mm
Turn -in Width 15 mm to 20 mm
Speed Upto 400 Cases/ hr.
Glue Application From Top Side
Power 7.5 KW/ 380 Volts / 50Hz
Dimensions (L x W X H) 430 x 2200 x 1330 mm
Net Weight 850 Kgs